How to Write an App Press Release – 3 Key Steps

When it comes to building hype & buzz around your app, nothing is as important as arming yourself with a great press release. Through alerting various publications both online & offline; you stand to inform the masses around the unique problem solving benefits of your app; and essentially tell them why your precious creation is the answer to their prayers. Like most things in marketing though; writing and releasing a press release is not something to be entered into lightly. If you’re gonna do it – do it right. This article looks at how to write an app press release, and 3 key things to remember whilst you’re doing so.

 1: Make the Benefits Clear

At the start of every good app PR, you should be letting readers know exactly what sort of problem your app is designed to (and hopefully does) solve. If you’ve put together a location-based restaurant finder, tell your audience that no longer must they browse clunky and archaic menu review websites in order to locate a nice eatery. Instead all they need to do is open up your app and they’ll be greeted with a wealth of nearby restaurant information & suggestions. Obviously; depending on the nature of your app, the way in which you go about this will differ – but it’s always a good idea to define a problem, and offer a solution.

 2: Keep it snappy

We’ve all seen those articles that have an enticing headline, but upon investigation feature several endless paragraphs of what we can only assume is painful monotony. The collective attention span of Humans is ever shrinking, and if you put out a press release best suited for a beard stroking college professor with an abundance of reading time; you’re likely to appeal to a very select audience. Keep your article nice and easy to follow – and separate key points into their own paragraphs & bullets. Also, images are always nice.

 3: Find the right places to post

 At the risk of stating the obvious here; another thing to remember once you’ve constructed a PR article with the perfect blend of pragmatism, entertainment and information; is to post it in the right places. There are plenty of great app review websites and tech publications to start with – but don’t ignore your niche. Going back to the restaurant example; if foodies are your audience, find some popular food websites/blogs and see if you can get your app featured.
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