App Review – Say the Same Thing

Fans of the band OK Go will be well familiar with this one already; but for those who haven’t had the chance to try out the latest “play with friends” sensation; read on.

The American alternative group, famous for their quirky style and endearing hint of nerdyness have recently developed and released a multiplayer game called “Say the Same Thing” for both Android and iOS devices. The concept for STST is fairly basic; and is well described in this rather humorous, if a little lengthy video featuring a couple of OK GO members:

In case that didn’t hit fully hit home; here’s another brief summary:

Two players start a game by both entering a random word to get the theme flowing, and each type in a new word connected to the original two words, until the two players (you guessed it) say the same thing. It’s a fun and simple word association game that works effortlessly as a mobile game, and has certainly been well put together by the band’s guitarist Andy Ross.

As it’s a rare thing to have two friends wishing to kill time & play on their phones at the same time; STST lets you enter your word, and waits until your partner’s done the same before revealing the result of each round. As such, it’s easy to play on the go & have multiple games running at once. You can even start a game with the members of OK Go, however it seems there’s already a large waiting list and I can only assume the band have better things to do than spend countless hours playing their own game.

In the past few days, I’ve been able to play quite a few games of STST with both friends & strangers. The results have been mixed. With some partners it’s easy to reach a common word, but with others it’s awkwardly difficult; thanks to both parties going off on completely different tangents. Either way though; entertainment does ensue. One complaint I do have is that there seems to be a limited number of players at this stage.

All in all; Say the Same Thing excels due to its simplicity. Whether it has long term appeal is hard to say; but if you’re up for a quick & fun time killer; give this one a go.

Check it out for Android Here, and iOS Here

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