5 Of The Best Apps for Travel

Finding your way around foreign cities & countries has never been easier than the present. With the wealth of information available online, and the relative ease with which we all have access to it, finding local treasures whilst abroad is simple a breeze.

One of the most prominent vehicles for travel-guides and information is now of course mobile apps. There is a wealth of handy apps out there perfectly designed to assist travelers in exploring, finding accommodation, or satisfying their culinary needs whilst abroad. Apps make it quick & easy to find what you’re after, and enable location-tailored results through your mobile. This article brings you 5 of the best apps for travel available today.


best apps for travel

1: Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor seems an apt start to this article, with its jack-of-all-trades approach. Within the TA app, you can find everything from hotels to restaurants, all of which come with photos, peer reviews & ratings so you know what’s decent. Tripadvisor’s extremely active user base is indeed one of its best features, with plentiful information available for almost any location you could think of. In addition, the “What’s nearby” option provides you a quick and useful list of attractions and resources nearby. Nice.

iOS: Click here for Tripadvisor
Android: Click here for Tripadvisor


travelling apps

2: Trover

Trover is one of the most stylish apps we’ve seen on the market, and focuses more around the “hidden gems” of travel. When you open Trover you’re met with a smooth scrolling screen of beautiful photos, which are sorted by distance from your current location. These photos are user submitted shots of various attractions around your area. Upon selecting a photo, you’re greeted with the details of the location, any comments on the post and a few other options. We’re seriously impressed with Trover and if whether you’re overseas or feeling like exploring your own backyard – give this one a go.

iOS: Click here for Trover
Android: Click here for Trover


apps for travellers

3: HotelTonight

For those who often find themselves seeking last minute accommodation, HotelTonight will be a godsend. Not only does the app beautifully display available rooms nearby, it provides cut-price specials as well. As such, wherever you are, you should be able to find decent rooms at prices up to 70% lower than usual, available for that night. While not suited for the control-freak types that need everything sorted in advance – if you’re the sort to seek a deal, jump all over this one.

iOS: Click here for HotelTonight
Android: Click here for HotelTonight



4: Free Wi-Fi Finder

We’ve all been through the struggles of finding a Wi-Fi connection whilst overseas. Often it results in an unnecessary purchase at the nearest Café promising a solid connection, only to find it’s unstable and about as quick as the Dial-up of ten years ago. $5 and an upset stomach later, you’re still without a connection. Free W-Fi finder does what is says on the tin; and sources out free Wi-Fi hotspots nearest you. The app seems to have worldwide support, so should work wherever you are.

iOS: Click here for Free W-Fi Finder



5: Google Maps & Translate

Whilst this entry is not technically one app, Google’s pair of handy travel apps seemed to fit nicely under one header. Maps of course is an essential app regardless of your travel intentions; and while this drum has been beaten all too many times already; it is better than Apple’s offering. Additionally, the use of Google translate makes travelling where foreign language is dominant a bit more bearable – giving you the option to translate text or speech from over 70 different languages.


iOS: Click here for Maps
AndroidClick here for Maps


iOS: Click here for Translate
Android: Click here for Translate

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