5 Of The Best Apps for Older People

While most people would consider smart phone & tablet usage as a thing for the younger generations, there is a growing portion of the senior population getting on board with modern tech, and finding some great uses for it. The ways in which older folk generally use mobile devices differs somewhat from the youth, and you probably won’t find many over 60’s snapchatting away or applying the perfect vintage filter to show off their latest meal. This article looks at 5 of the best kinds of apps for older people, and provides options for both iOS and Android users.

1: Magnifying Glass

 The first of my picks is one of the simplest. Magnifying glass apps allow users to turn their phone cameras into a powerful & effective magnifying glass. These are especially handy when you’re struggling to read small print on product, or battling with an overly trendy restaurant menu with font sizes designed for the rogue insects they try so hard to eradicate.  Simply open the app, point the camera at whatever it is you’re trying to decode, and view a zoomed-in version on your phone’s screen! Magic.

iOS: Try Magnifying Glass with Light
Android: Try Magnifying Glass


2: Skype

You might scoff at this one, but Skype is an often-overlooked app & in reality is an extremely effective and simple to use communication app. We all know there’s nothing oldies love more than a good Yarn, and what better way to facilitate this than via Skype? It’s free, and generally works fairly smoothly. With young folk moving overseas & relocating their lives more than ever, it becomes harder for grandparents to maintain regular contact with their families. Skype crosses all borders, and allows for easy face-to-face communication for people of all ages.

iOS: Click Here for Skype
Android: Click Here for Skype


3: Blood Pressure Tracker

 Not the most exciting or joyful of topics this one; but everyone knows keeping track of your blood pressure becomes more and more important as you get older. Using an app to record & your blood pressure over time can make the process a lot easier and quicker than mocking up a physical log. Additionally, these apps sometimes provide recommendations & information based on your results.

iOS: Try Blood Pressure Tracker Pro
Android: Try Blood Pressure Tracker Free


4: Jigsaw

Breaking the rather practical trend of this article so far, my next suggestion revolves around having a bit of fun in your down time. If you’ve got a phone with a decently sized screen, or indeed a tablet, Jigsaw puzzle apps can be a great pastime. The well-made jigsaw apps provide all the satisfaction of clicking in the right pieces, and serve up a wide variety of beautiful imagery. Even more handily, they don’t require the same clean-up frustration or requirement for table space their physical counterparts do.

iOS: Try Paddzle (iPad)
Android: Try  Jigsaw Puzzles


5: Medwatcher

This app has received a large amount of media attention, and rightfully so. Medwatcher provides an extremely easy-to-use database of medication types, outlining key information such as uses, dosage levels, and side effects. In addition, it provides updates on new drugs and vaccinations, informing the user as to the safety or necessity of such innovations. Where health apps are concerned, Medwatcher is most definitely one of the most useful, and certainly one of the most polished apps for older people.

iOS: Click Here for Medwatcher
Android: Click Here for Medwatcher

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